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The Wiener Concert-Verein was founded in 1987 by members of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. Our programs and productions aim to showcase the links which connect the Viennese classical tradition to contemporary music.

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Composer in residence

In a collaboration between an orchestra and contemporary composers which is unique in Austria, the Wiener Concert-Verein has played an annual cycle of concerts for the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna since 1993. Composers in residence have included Richard Dünser, Rainer Bischof, Gottfried von Einem, Kurt Schwertsik, Thomas Daniel Schlee, Bert Breit, Helmut Eder, Ivan Eröd, Gert Kühr, Gerhard Wimberger, Herbert Willi, Paul Walter Fürst, Dirk D'Ase, Johanna Doderer, Balduin Sulzer, Gerald Resch, Helmut Schmidinger, Wolfram Wagner, Reinhard Süss, Thomas Wally, Julia Purgina, Alfred Huber, Gabriele Proy. In 2014 Gabriele Proy and in 2015 Alfred Huber were composers in residence.

​Richard Dünser

1st Composer in residence 1993/94

Johanna Doderer

Composer in residence 2013

​Richard Dünser

​Composer in residence 2022-24

Wiener Concert-Verein’s World Premieres

The Wiener Concert-Verein has premiered more than 100 new works by contemporary Austrian composers, including works by Heinz Karl Gruber, Ivan Eröd, Richard Dünser, Rainer Bischof, Kurt Schwertsik, Gerd Kühr, Gerald Resch, Helmut Schmidinger, Thomas Wally, …

The Wiener Concert-Verein is particularly proud of our world premiere productions of Johanna Doderer’s opera Strom and Richard Dünser’s one act opera Radek.

Johanna Doderer (*1969)

Gerald Resch (*1975)
Unfold, Concert for accordion and orchestra

Johanna Doderer (*1969)
Rose chafer polka for strings

Gerda Poppa (*1963)
Commissioned by the WCV for flute, bassoon, piano for the composer's 60th birthday

Matthias Bartolomey (*1985)
„The Waves“ for cello and string orchestra, op. 8

Helmut Schmidinger   
„... keinem Gedanken Glauben schenken, der nicht im Freien geboren ist und bei freier Bewegung ...“ Multiperkussion and string Orchestra

Ernst Ludwig Leitner 
„The heck“ for clarinet and piano

Gabriele Proy 

Thomas Thurnher
Web reloaded (2022) for string orchestra (premier of the revised version)

Michael Amann
4. string quartet

Johanna Doderer 
„Cadence for 2 Violine and string quartet“ DWV 138 

​Loris Tjeknavorian
Lake Van, Suite (premier of the revised version for string orchestra)

Morgana Petrik
"shattered II“ for chamber orchestra

Gerda Poppa 
Distanzen, for Kontraforte and piano

Dana Cristina Probst
Perspective, for strings

Hannes Raffaseder 
"Game over“ for string orchestra

Reinhard Süß 
Symphony Nr. 3

Maria Salamon 
"23 Minutes of Rain“ for violin and piano

Ursula E. Schwertmann 
„Summer at the Seaside“ for string orchestra

Sarah Marie Leonard 
"Primavera in maschera“ for string orchestra

Thomas Thurnher
„Web“ for string orchestra

Alfred Huber
iDu op 34 Concerto for 2 Double Basses

Alfred Huber
Concerto for Oran, Strings and Tympani

Volker Plangg
In Flagranti for trombone and String Sextet

Maria Gstättner
weite Nähe for Chamber Orchestra

Robert Brunnlechner
Ouverture to a Comedy

Lukas Neudinger
Wenn Seraphim fallen (When Seraphims fall)

Reinhard Süss
Symphony No. 2

Gerald Futscher
Duo for Trombone and Piano

Alfred Huber
Violin Concerto

M. Pichler
world premier performance

Viktor Fortin, Johannes Steinwender
Musik im Blut (Music in the Blood)

Anselm Schaufler
Festgruß (Welcome)

Johanna Doderer
Sub Rosa, 3 Songs for Soprana and Orchestra to texts by Ingeborg Bachmann

Friedrich Philipp Pesendorfer
Piece for Strings and Vibraphon

Gerda Poppa
Annabel Lee

Raffaele Bellafronte
Suite Nr.2 for Bassoon, Guitar and Strings

Alfred Huber
Piano Concerto

Gerda Poppa
Variations on Die Forelle (The Trout) by Franz Schubert

Robert Pobitschka
Piano Concerto

Alfred Huber, Richard Dünser, Gabriele Proy, Helmut Schmidinger, Reinhard Süss
The Capricious Trout, 5 Variations on Franz Schubert's song: The Trout

Gabriele Proy

Manuela Kerer
E.TEMEN.AN.KI (version for strings)

Julia Purgina
Carmen perpetuum for Solo Flute and Strings

Alfred Huber
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

Johanna Doderer

Julia Purgina
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

Uri Caine
Double Concerto for Bassett Horn and Viola da Gamba

Alfred Huber

Thomas Wally
la malinconia della porpora ardente

Thomas Wally
Four Bagatelles

Alfred Huber
primus inter pares, Concerto for Viola and Orchestra

Wolfram Wagner
Double Concerto for Flute and Piano
Concerto for Violin and Chamber Orchestra
Fantasy for String Orchestra

Alexander Zemlinsky
Serenade in A Major for Violin and Chamber Orchester, Adaptation: F. Hummel

Helmut Schmidinger
Double Concerto for Violin and Cello

Reinhard Süss
Double Concerto for Violin, Piano and Chamber Orchestra

Raffaele Bellafronte
Double Concerto for Violin and Cello

Richard Dünser
Double Concerto for Violin, Piano and Chamber Orchesta

Matthias Rüegg
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

Helmut Schmidinger
"da sitz ich in meiner Einöde"  (Here I sit in my Desert/Solitude), Symphony in 5 Movements for Strings

Werner Steinmetz
Mini Symphony

Dirk D´Ase
Trio d’or for Violin, Clarinet and Accordion
Songs of a redeeming trumpet (fragments from the opera „Diary")

Gerald Resch
"fenster" (Windows)

Werner Steinmetz
Concerto for Violin and Strings

Brahms / Dünser
da unten im Tale" (Down there in the Valley), Folk Songs for Soprano and Chamber Orchestra

Paul Walter Fürst
Nur ein Fremdling ist der Mensch hier auf Erden" op. 116 (Man is but a Stranger here on Earth)

Konstantin Ilievsky

Gerald Resch
Spin for Chamber Orchestra
Knoten (Knots) for Bassoon and Chamber Orchestra

Franz Thürauer
Symphonic Intermezzo

Richard Dünser
Chamber Opera "Radek"

Johanna Doderer
Chamber Opera "Strom"

Reinhard Süss
Symphony No. 1

Christian Ofenbauer
Eismusik (Ice Music)

Peter Dott
„Sinfonietta per arci“

Franz Thürauer

Balduin Sulzer
Capriccio concertante for Wind Quintet, Drum and Strings

Reinhard Süss
Concerto for Double Bass, Trombone and Orchestra

Rainer Bischof
Suerte, Concerto for Saxophone, Strings and Percussion

Helmut Schmidinger
Das letzte Kapitel (Final chapter), for Violin, Narrator, Snare Drum and Strings

Johanna Doderer
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra

P.W. Fürst
"Chant des Moulins"

Reinhard Süss
Dodeka Imaginationes Del Fortuna, Concerto for Piano & Orchestra

Dirk D´Ase
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra

Rainer Bischof
Recuerdo, for Bariton and Alto Saxophone

Gerhard Wimberger
Seltsam Abendmusik (Strange Evening Music)

Herbert Willi
Concerto for Flute, Oboe and Orch. from the  Cycle Montafon

Michael Floredo

Johanna Doderer

Gerald Futscher
Hör den Ruf des faulen Holzes (Hear the Call of the Rotting Wood), for Solo Cello and Orchestra

Dirk D´ Ase
Feuerlicht...Nachtschatten für singende Säge and Orchester (Nightshades for Musical Saw and Orchestra)

Gerd Kühr
Ricordarsi Concerto for Piano 4 Hands and Orchestra

Richard Dünser
Nebensonnen (Parhelions)

Reinhard Süss
Sonata for Double Bass and Piano

Reinhard Süss
Fortuna desperata, Concerto for Ensemble and Piano

Ivan Eröd
Symphony No. 2

Wolfgang Sauseng
Hiobs Gesänge (The Songs of Job) for Choir and Orchestra

David Babcock
String Quartett

Edwin Baumgartner

Michael Torke
Two Drinks

Helmut Eder
Symphony No. 7 Burleska

Thomas Daniel Schlee
​Jiggs op. 48

Rainer Bischof
Solo for Trumpet

Thomas Daniel Schlee
Concertino op. 36
Sonata da Camera op. 42

Johannes Holik
Concertino for Viola, Double Bass and Orchestra

Kurt Schwertsik
Mond – Lichtung „Eine Nachtpartie“ (Moon - Clearing, a Night Outing)

Fridolin Dallinger
Concerto for Flute and String Orchestra

Richard Dünser
Aubes II Concerto for 4 Woodwind Instruments

Rainer Bischof
Sinfonia op. 40

Richard Dünser
Aubes I Concerto for Saxophone Quartett

Friedrich Keil
Von der Pilgerschaft (On Pilgrimage)

Heinz Karl Gruber
Nebelsteinmusik, II. Violine concerto (Nebelstein, mountain in Waldviertel, Lower Austria)

Awards and co-operations

The Wiener Concert Verein is subsidized by the City of Vienna, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Art and Culture, the AKM (Autoren, Komponisten, Musikverleger),  and cooperates with the Austrian Society for Contemporary Music (ÖGZM). We have repeatedly been awarded the prize of the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.


Prof. Franz Michael Fischer

Concertmaster Wiener Concert-Verein

Franz Michael Fischer has been leader (concert master) of the Wiener Concert Verein for 33 years and is also deputy manager. His special passion is contemporary music, which he pursues with curiosity, unflagging willingness to experiment and joyful spontaneity. His creative and sensitive musicianship have inspired many living composers to entrust the world premiere performances of their works to Franz Michael Fischer and the Wiener Concert-Verein. Franz Michael Fischer plays a violin built by Jean Baptiste Vuillaume in 1828 and a bow made by Nicolas Leonard Tourte in 1795.

Ausschnitt des Gruppenbilds des Wiener Concert-Vereins mit Fokus auf Franz Michael Fischer